The following poem was written by me during the fast I did to begin the year with the church. We had 21 days of continuous prayer and fasting. The one thing that I received from this fast was humility and I learned the beginnings of obedience, just going forward and doing what is suggested. There are rewards for obedience and there are consequences for disobedience. Living with consequences will hopefully teach us to think and choose more carefully. True freedom comes from obedience and knowing what not to do. You don’t have to do bad or evil to gain more experience about life.

So, here is the poetry. I hope you like it. It’s simple, but honest.


I am a representation of God’s mercy and grace
With every breath that I take.
I have fallen short many times
And refused to recognize
That He covered me
He favored me
He restored me
He anointed me
And Yet – I still ran.

Like a wayward child demanding independence
I refused to accept my pennance.
Today, here I am, Father.
Your child humbly kisses your feet
And raises her arms to you.
Please, catch me and hold me
Love me – just as you always have.

Pamela Whitehead
January 10, 2010

(In prayer and fasting)



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