I understand why you treated me the way you did. My comprehension of your actions does in no way condone them or detract from your depravity. It does, however, ease the pain a little knowing that you were also a recipient and only acting in defense. It would be existentialist of me to believe that nothing influenced you and that you just hated me of your own conclusion. Surely, you jest! It’s sad, really, that one person can destroy so many. We allowed him to infiltrate what could have been beautiful and healthy. The damage is done and there is no repairing, only forgiveness. Time is lost and the need is no longer evident. I needed you. I wanted your love and compassion and hugs and comfort. It wasn’t there, because you didn’t have it to give. You were void of empathy, void of unconditional and thankless caring, void of tenderness and benevolence. The wages of your misdeeds has been paid, thankfully. You have been forgiven, if you asked for it. I have forgiven you without request. It’s not hard to love someone who treats you this way, because my love is unconditional, no matter what the circumstance. I will always love you. I have forgiven you, I have not forgotten, nor have I forgotten my purpose here. I thank you for ALL that you drilled into me as a child. I pray for your salvation. I pray that your prayers are sincere and that your heart is soft, it’s only the exterior that is leathered.


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