The world around me is changing…my circumstances have changed. I HAVE NOT. This is a miracle. I am remaining steadfast and faithful. God is so good and He is faithful. He promises us that He will complete the good work that He starts until it is finished(phil 1:6)…I believe Him. I am hopeful and I remain obedient. When all else fails, my FAITH in God sustains me. I can count on one thing…prayer always, always, ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS brings peace. I have asked Jesus to make a way for me. I have asked Him to go before me and carve a narrow path in the weeds of the world; make boundaries that are like a chasm that I cannot cross because CONVICTION from the Holy Spirit that abides in me will not let me. The Word of God tells me that the Holy Spirit will pray for me in groanings that can not be expressed in words when I don’t know what to pray for (Romans 8:26). I thank God each day that He sent His Son to give up the Ghost that we may dwell with Him and be reconciled to Our Creator…that we can ask Him anything in Jesus Name. I thank Him that He is just and disciplines us. I thank Him for a heart of flesh that is permeable to receive today, to feel, to pulse to His rhythm. I thank Him for mercies: tender, compassionate, generous mercies each and every day. I thank Him for joy from sorrow and peace for tomorrow. I thank Him that I am HIS…and He is mine. I thank Him that I KNOW this today. May the Lord bless you who read this. AMEN


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