I received some awesome news this evening at work…followed by a convicting revelation. I have received an award, “Laboratorian of the Year”, for the SW region of my company. YAY! It’s really weird…I am only doing what I am supposed to be doing, upholding a standard that the corporation set, and following guidelines that are mandated. That seems to be the exception nowadays. Why is it so difficult for people to just do the right thing?

People are innately selfish. We are led by our flesh, naturally sinful. We must make a conscious and cognitive decision to NOT follow our sinful nature. That requires us to PICK UP OUR CROSS (which, by the way, is REALLY heavy for me) and follow Christ (so the cross becomes heavier as I go…)! It is difficult to be Light in this world of darkness, but SO worth it! When you see someone come out smiling on the other side of what started out as a “bad day” because YOU were able to share a snippet of goodness with them…yeah, that’s the cream in my coffee right there! I take note of EVERYTHING at church, with my mentor, with sisters in Christ. I either write it down or take a mental picture. People love to believe that at some point in life they are going to “ARRIVE” at some pinnacle and that’s it, everyone will bow to them and wash their feet. See, as Christians, we realize that as each day passes, we become more and more transparent and the focus on Jesus becomes more and more clear. We literally decrease and He is magnified. The process of sanctification is for our good and God’s glory. We have been created for one purpose: to reflect the glory of God (Genesis 1:26-27). So, as a believer you can stop searching and wondering what your purpose is…that’s it. Reflect His glory. To do that, Light must first shine on you and then be cast onto someone or something else. So, the point is, you don’t become illuminated, only His Light becomes magnified. And on and on and on…infinity.

There are many people who have professed a belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died to cleanse us from our sins, and on the third day rose again and His Spirit is alive. But then what? Believing is not enough…you only believe what you DO (Pastor GF says). DO what??? Be faithful, loving, kind, gentle, have self control, be joyful, patient and in right standing with God (reference Galatians 5:22-23). OH MY! I know, right? Just start somewhere… PRAY and keep going and going and going, until its complete (Philippians 1:6).

I pray that you have a church home, a body of believers that gather for the purpose of lifting each other up and glorifying and exalting Him, utilizing the gifts that the Lord has bestowed. If not, join us at Powerhouse Church in Katy. http://www.powerhousecc.com
I promise, it’s not your average church!


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