The Almighty One

When I am weak
When I am tired
When I am weary
When I am worn
You are a pillar of strength
You are the foundation
A Rock
You make the mountains that I can’t climb;
the rivers that rage that I can’t cross.
You rise and set the sun, placing it where you like.
You allow the moon to share the spotlight.
You sprinkled the stars in the sky like fireworks captured.
You fluff the clouds to veil the sun.
You breathe the wind as softly or swiftly as you like.
You calm the same seas that bring about tsunamis.
You command the hurricanes, volcanoes, and earth to quake.
You are God alone: Maker, Creator, Healer, Guardian, Protector, Father, Almighty and Glorious.

~Pamela Whitehead~



Burden my heart and give me passion to pray
Beyond a need to breathe,
Beyond a want for things;
On my heart, the pain of others lay
That I might be provoked and stirred to a tremble
Beyond these walls,
Beyond it all;
May Your Spirit reside in this temple.
Make me into the instrument that You need
Beyond my mind
Beyond the enemy’s line
Show me how to bleed
Break my body; break my spirit to travail
Past the daylight
Past the night
Make me feel the ache of the nails
~Pamela Whitehead~


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