The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States law which recognizes a “child in utero” as a legal victim, if he or she is injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence. The law defines “child in utero” as “a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb”.

Whoever engages in conduct that violates any of the provisions of law listed in subsection (b) and thereby causes the death of, or bodily injury (as defined in section 1365) to, a child, who is in utero at the time the conduct takes place, is guilty of a separate offense under this section.

Now, this law has an exception:

Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit the prosecution—
(1) of any person for conduct relating to an abortion for which the consent of the pregnant woman, or a person authorized by law to act on her behalf, has been obtained or for which such consent is implied by law…

Why would there need to be an exception if the “fetus” is not a child? Why is it okay to kill my baby as long as you regulate and ensure that “no one gets hurt”…except for my unborn baby? And also, if I have the CHOICE, then why can’t I choose the method? A clothes hanger, a gun, a knife, or an overdose of heroin in my veins…


 Texas penal code defines an “individual” as this: “Individual” means a human being who is alive, including an unborn child at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth.  Texas penal code defines “person” as: “Person” means an individual, corporation, or association. 
[So, according to TX penal code, an unborn child is a person because he is an individual, which would recognize the personhood of all unborn babies thereby defining abortion as murder. CAN I GET A WITNESS please…I need a lawyer.]
“Death” includes, for an individual who is an unborn child, the failure to be born alive.
The Unborn Victims of Violence Act was signed in 2004 by then President George W. Bush following the Laci/Connor Peterson murders by her husband and his father, Scott Peterson.  Bush said, “Any time an expectant mother is a victim of violence, two lives are in the balance, each deserving protection, and each deserving justice. If the crime is murder and the unborn child’s life ends, justice demands a full accounting under the law.” Senator John Kerry, his main opponent in the 2004 Presidential election, voted against the bill, saying, “I have serious concerns about this legislation because the law cannot simultaneously provide that a fetus is a human being and protect the right of the mother to choose to terminate her pregnancy.” HMMMMM…
This is a perfect example of doublemindedness.  See, you carry this pro-choice logic out to the end and it always breaks down.  It has no substance because it is rooted in confusion. There is no depth to it because it is built and based on human understanding and intellect, which is finite. Give it up!  You know that life begins at conception…it is proven here.  Just admit that you believe it is okay to murder babies in the womb and that argument can die.  We can then begin to touch hearts once you remove that shield of lies that you have covering it.  Denying the Truth will never change it. 
 If this Act was signed in 2004 by a pro life President, think of what could be done if we elect another ProLife President???

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