When I was in high school, I honestly did not have an aspiration or a dream…I didn’t consider “what I would be when I grow up” because I wasn’t sure I would make it to tomorrow.  My desire was to get out of the den of danger, fear, and web of anxiety.

I was never a dreamer.  My imagination did not run wild…I was under the impression that even if I tried to dream someone would come along and kill it.  My mode was survival.  I had no other gear except 4 wheel drive…maximum torque transfer. 

I am reading an awesome book right now called “Spiritual Authority” by Watchman Nee.  I want to expound on something he relays in his discussion of Philippians 2:5-11. Watchman Nee writes:

Let us remove our shoes and stand on holy ground as we review this Scripture.  It seems as though at the beginning a council was held within the Godhead.  God conceived a plan to create the universe.  In that plan the Godhead agreed to have authority represented by the Father. But authority cannot be established in the universe without obedience, since it cannot exist alone.  God must therefore find obedience in the universe.  Two living beings were created: angels (spirits) and men (living souls).  According to His foreknowledge God foresaw the rebellion of the angels and the fall of men; hence He was unable to establish His authority in angels or in the Adamic race.  Consequently, within the Godhead perfect accord was reached that authority would be answered by obedience in the Son. 

Man sinned and rebelled, so the authority of God must be built on man’s obedience.  Here comes JESUS!!!

In order to establish His authority and dominion on earth over ALL things [without the slightest hint of rebellion], Jesus came as a man and walked step by step in obedience to the Father…AS A HUMAN…just like us. In this way, He was made LORD over all and established God’s authority.  

Now, GOD could have forced His way and reclaimed authority over all with annihilation and brute power, but then where would our example of obedience lie?  See, Jesus could have been the sacrifice without the obedience, but would it have meant as much…


 When I read the passage in Philippians, I am humbled greatly.  This LORD of ours emptied Himself and BECAUSE of His obedience, God filled Him up.  

I have sacrificed without obedience.  I have served without order.  I have given of myself yet been in complete rebellion.  When I read this passage of Scripture, it pangs me…Jesus emptied Himself of Glory to be positioned for greatness…in order to be exalted and affirmed by the Father in Heaven, He obeyed.

My example today is Jesus.  My desire is to empty myself to be affirmed by my heavenly Father.  Yes, I want to be Love and Light to all but ultimately my allegiance is with my Lord and what He has to say about me is more important.  Obedience to Christ costs us something and the first thing it costs us is our PRIDE.

Let’s look at what Jesus did and model that:
1.  He knew who He was, but it did not puff Him up. His status was not His platform
2.  He gave up His rights.
3.  He humbled himself, He did not wait for God to humiliate Him
4.  He obeyed God fully
5.  In this, He was exalted:  that He obeyed and suffered for the cause: to establish God’s authority over ALL things.
6.  If the church is to build the Kingdom and His Kingdom is to come, we must first become obedient in ALL things with no hint of rebellion. 

“A true Christian, living an obedient life, is a constant rebuke to those who accept the moral standards of this world.” ~ Billy Graham

My prayer today is to be void of my selfishness and vanity and foolish ambitions, giving myself completely to Him, making Him my Master Craftsman, molding me into His image.  I want to be refined as silver so that He knows I am ready when He can see His reflection in me.  Help me, Lord!


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