Being on the frontlines of the effort to abolish abortion in my city, state, nation and eventually the world has thrust me head on into research and I have made it my business to know the current and most up to date information regarding the issues, ethics, laws, and legislation on this injustice. I came across this today and I thought I would share:


In “Abortion Free,” Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger recount many stories from the front lines in the battle for life and the successes they have had in closing these houses of horror. It is possible to shut down these repugnant establishments. They walk you through the steps they took to closing down the clinic of one of the nation’s most notorious late-term abortionist, Kansas’s own George Tiller. Emergency hospitalizations, negative public opinion, health and professional complaints and more brought the heat upon Dr. Tiller’s practice. But it was the unwavering pressure by the tenacious pro-life group Operation Rescue, founded by Newman and Sullenger, that finally sealed the deal.

Newman and Sullenger share their more than 50 years of combined experience in shuttering dirty, life-threatening clinics. In this practical manual you will learn how to:

  • Find out who the abortion doctors are in your community
  • Know if abortionists in your community have a record or are even licensed in your state
  • Get clinic workers to help you acquire evidence
  • Alert the press of criminal activities
  • Expose dirty and sundry clinic conditions, Inform the public and our community leaders of what is taking place
  • Help the women in need.

How do you close abortion clinics? Newman and Sullenger tell you how in plain language in “Abortion Free.” You will learn what you can do to help close your local abortion clinic and make America “Abortion Free.”

[excerpt from


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