The Lord gave us a great idea: carve some pumpkins with the kids in The ‘Burg.  These are kids that we have been ministering to for almost a year now.  They come to life group, we take them to church [driving 70 miles to Katy every week to get to a Spirit filled church].

Now, we don’t “celebrate” Halloween at our house however He wanted us to use the foolish things of the world as a teaching moment.

ScaryBrandyPumpkin Bandit

We gathered. 

PunkinsWe purchased 14 pumpkins.  Truthfully, not enough!!!Ladies

Denver and Cassidy commenced to picking out theirs FIRST!

There were about 20 of us in my little casa, eating chili, cheese, fritos and cornbread, drinking KoolAid and Dr. Pepper.  The kids were brimming with anticipation. They ranged in age from 5 to 18.  NONE of them [except my kids] had ever carved a pumpkin.

I explained that we were not going to carve a ghost or goblin into them, but we were going to share a message through these pumpkins.   We sat the kids down on the steps and I shared with them what God asked me to share:

How many of you know Jesus?  How many of you have asked Him to be Lord of your life? [they all raised their little hands :)]  I want to talk to you for a minute about why we are carving these pumpkins. These pumpkins are like us right now, before we knew Jesus.  They are hard on the outside and have a bunch of gooey junk on the inside that kind of stinks!  But just like what Jesus did for us, we are going to open up this pumpkin and scrape out the mess on the inside.  The only way that mess can get back in there is if we put it in there. And once we carve it into what we want it to be, if we put that mess back in there, everyone will see it! It will be obvious that it does not belong. We are going to carve something beautiful and positive into the pumpkin, making it into what we want it to be and then a light can shine through it sharing the message that we intend to be shared!  But we have to clean out the inside in order to poke through the flesh, the outside part, to make the picture.  Once we are finished poking and cutting and making a mess, we will have something beautiful to share with everyone who passes by!

Daddy and Daughter
MIRACLE: Restoration of a family! Much prayer and tears went into this!
All of them
I think they all turned out beautiful! What do you think?
I love the Jonah in the Whale one! I was able to share this story with the kids as well.
Who wouldn’t smile when they saw this…except for my FB friend Chad Aldridge [he’s an athiest and proud of it 😦 ]
My tribute to Love Lets Live 🙂

I encourage you to listen to the Holy Spirit and be creative.  God can use ANYTHING to share His love, hope and light.  Be blessed! And Get your SHINE on!!!

OH YEAH!!!  And if you would like the templates for some of these pumpkins, here they are 🙂 Footprints GuildcraftChristianpumpkintemplates JonahAndTheWhale PeaceDove Saviour jesus-blood Jesus-Heart-Pumpkin-Stencil John-3-16-Pumpkin-Stencil


One thought on “Baby, Get Your Shine On!!!

  1. I did this in our four’s class last week and it was just about the same principle! I love how much fun you’re allowing it to be out there where God definitely put you. When I see your gaggle of people at church on Sunday it’s the best part of my morning. To me you remind me of Save Our Streets ministries where I was born again. That’s why you feel like home to me. You do shine.


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