Ok…It’s not what you think!!! Did I get your attention?  LOL  I hope so.  I want to share a few things that I have learned about how to be a better wife.  Have you ever just wondered [but didn’t ask] “What does my husband want???”

We can ALL improve, right?  None of us have perfect marriages.  We all argue, we all disagree, we all get irritated, we all have that P word: P-R-I-D-E.

Humility is what is left when we are undressed of pride.  So, let’s get naked.  Here are 7 Things that your husband wants you to know:

1.  You don’t need to be one of the guys.  Release the death grip and let him have his “guy time”.  You don’t have to don the jersey, sight the weapon, or swing the club to spend quality time with your husband.  He likes to date you, not “hang” with you. He doesn’t want you COMPETING with him.  He wants you to COMPLETE him.
2.  He loves the touch of your soft skin and hands because they are in great contrast to the roughness of his.

3.  He likes that you smell like flowers and NOT motor oil or buck lure.

4.  He appreciates that you can’t color analyze the A&M game because it makes him seem like a genius when he does.  So, even if you CAN color analyze the game, DON’T!

5. YES, occasionally you indulge in his world but don’t beat him at his own game, even if you can.  That is disrespectful and it does nothing but deflate him. He wants to be YOUR champion and he cares more about what you think of him than anyone else. Be his cheerleader and let another man in his life be his coach.

6.  Let him be the head of your home and you be the heart.

7.  He wants to be the king of the castle. Don’t usurp his authority.  Don’t undermine him.  YOU are not always right, especially if it causes disagreement, then you are definitely WRONG.  STOP saying it’s him!

My point?  Be a lady.  THAT’S what he wants.  He loves your softness, your tenderness and most of all, he loves being needed. I’ve learned all of this the hard way but I believe it is because God wanted me to share it with YOU.  I was the world’s toughest tomboy, ex- Army soldier, and wanna-be lady boxer [yes, it’s true].  I haven’t lost my personality, but my character has been refined. I am not tupperware; I am fine china.

Christ makes ALL things new and today I am who He created me to be: the helpmate to my husband and I complete him.  I don’t try to compete with him. I despise shopping, having my nails done, pedicures, make up, jewelry, heels and bras [doesn’t everyone??]. I don’t enjoy any of these things and I am not trying to!  However, because I love my husband and he always compliments me when I make a little effort to look good for him, I will get my nails done FOR HIM, put on make up FOR HIM, accessorize with a LITTLE bling FOR HIM.  I don’t do it for YOU [I am not competing with you either] or even for me, but because I love my husband and I want him to have eyes for me.

Remember, your husband chose you.  Don’t forget and never deny the attraction that you have for each other.  He wants YOU and NO ONE else!

This post is meant to challenge us all to be better wives.  Chew on this little quote from genius Albert Einstein:
“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


10 thoughts on “Let’s Get Naked: 7 Things Your Husband Wants You to Know

  1. What spoke to me was not being one of his buddies. I can’t say I was acting like one of the guys, but I was wanting to just hang out instead intimacy in any way. Not just sex but thinking if we connected hanging out running errands, listening to his fav radio show together, that somehow that would satisfy or meet ALL his needs.

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  2. I really enjoyed this article! One day I’ll be married again and I know that I can’t make the same mistakes I did the first time around (some of them are listed here). Thanks for putting it plainly. I’m a natural leader and it is hard for me to take a step back, but God is working on me while I’m single. He is preparing me through being mentored and being in situations where I can take a step back and submit to authority. 🙂

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  3. All that came to mind when I read the title was the other week when you and Brandy ran up out of here with all your traveling circus!! I may never have another pair like you two in my life and I relish your friendship………….. This was pretty 101 for a Pam blog and for once I don’t feel a stab to the heart and that same ol’ question “Is she talking about me?!” ha ha!! But isn’t it funny that the basics of marriage still elude us? Just like we all know simple nutritional principles but our desires in fitness elude all of us. The application takes our full time attention and doesn’t come naturally. Jerome and I becoming more and more one and this is our best year yet despite all the hardships. He really is my friend. And the one takeaway from this for me is number 7. I’ve gotten smart enough to always communicate that I think I’m right but in my head I still think it. So that’s a spiritual residue that probably coats a lot of situations and the unseen things of the spirit are more real than the words we say.
    You’re my favorite G.I. Jane in pretty floral dress with tights. Tops. Roger’s a blessed, blessed man. 🙂


  4. This really hit home for me. Your point “YOU are not always right, especially if it causes disagreement, then you are definitely WRONG” says alot. Its showed me the need to determine the outcome of my words and actions so that I respect my husbands authority and follow his lead instead of asserting myself and opinions. I know this will help our marriage blossom.


  5. I really enjoyed this blog. One of the hardest things I have been struggling with is submitting and being the helpmate. After being a single parent for 5 years it was hard to let go of that position. But as I grow & read my Bible I realize I am only hindering myself. God has sent me a real man that provides and knows his place in the home so I definitely have to know where I belong and stay in my place. We will be planning a wedding soon😊 long overdue


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