Feel-A-Busta: I AM Pro-Life

So, I was born in 1973…the year that Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton made abortion legal until the day of delivery.  My mother was about 6 weeks pregnant when that decision changed history and the future. My mom was 15 and pregnant by an ex-con.  These ingredients mix well for pro-choice people to justify abortion.  But I’M HERE. So step off.

What’s even more appealing to their statistical mind is that my father continued in his criminal lifestyle and killed my mother when I was 8 years old, after having 3 more kids.  So, I am also an orphan.

It’s interesting…if we had the viewpoint of God with our human minds and were able to foresee to THAT point, the argument FOR abortion in my case would have most likely looked attractive, justifiable, and even the best option.  I mean, this poor kid, right!

HE KNOWS THE BEGINNING FROM THE END…WE DO NOT.  That is intentional on God’s part.  We could justify any behavior based on circumstance.  God wants us to have FAITH.  
Today, I am a voice for those who are in the womb.  Those who are screaming for mercy, those who seek only to be born, to see the Light.

God DOES have a plan for every life. [I never use this blanket statement, but it is apropos] EVERYTHING that He does has PURPOSE.
In the light of this past weeks filibuster attempt and eventual death of SB5, I am headed to Austin, TX for the special session of the Texas legislature to support LIFE and witness history. I may even testify.  Who knows…I was told that there is a huge platform for my story [testimony] and I believe that, because God is glorified by my life today.  It is no longer I who live, but He who lives in me. AMEN
The pro-aborts believe that this piece of legislation is taking away the rights of women.  They believe that this is limiting women’s health care.  This bill is protecting the lives of viable babies. This bill is increasing standards of care to ensure that women will receive life saving care should potential problems arise. IF you care about women, would you not want to REDUCE the number of abortions and INCREASE the standard of care for women?  What part of this am I missing?

Furthermore…we have Nancy Pelosi who has made an idiot of herself.  Bless this woman’s heart.  She is about as prideful and arrogant as they come. She truly is one whose intellect has overruled her heart and she can’t get over her own agenda in order to see the Truth. She proclaims that Christ is her Savior and that she has a deep faith, yet supports partial birth abortion. #Doubleminded
This is really just a journal moment for me.  I was reflecting on my own circumstances, gearing up for the possibility of testifying before the House and prayed to God asking Him “At what point do I start?” He said, “In the beginning.”